What is Email Falconer?

Email Falconer is an application for finding business email addresses on Instagram and collect them for you based on your targeting. You can target hashtags and locations. For example, you can find accounts’ email addresses which posted under #startup hashtag. The email addresses are very updated because we only scan recent photos under target hashtags.

What information do you also give in addition to email address?

You will get Username of the contact, Full Name of the contact, Number of Followers of the contact, Number of Followings of the contact, Number of Medias of the contact, MediaUrl of the contact’s photo, Which Hashtag we found the contact, Place of the contact, Website of the contact, Business Category of the contact, Phone number of the contact, Country-Code of the contact, Address of the contact, Zip-Code of the contact, Region of the contact, When we found the contact. All of this information will be provided to you if the contact entered this info on their Instagram account.

How does the targeting work?

You should enter the target hashtags which is related to your business. For example, if you want to find dietitians email addresses, you should use #dietitian or #dietitianlife. Then Email Falconer app starts to scan recent photos under these hashtags, and collect the email addresses if a business account shows their email address on their profile. These accounts put their email addresses there to get connected. So you are making this collecting email address process faster. Collecting 100 emails with Email Falconer takes 2 minutes, on the other hand, it takes around 3 hours to do it manually.

How can I use these email addresses on my marketing campaigns?

We see that marketers are trying to buy outdated email addresses from 3rd party apps. This method is outdated and not effective anymore. Marketers need recently updated and active email addresses for their target audience. Instagram is a great place to find active businesses’ updated email addresses. We only collect emails if the business account posted a photo recently. If a business account posts a photo, it means that they are still active.

How can I use these email addresses effectively?

You can make your emails more personal. A personalized email is one of the most effective marketing ways. For example, if you are trying to sell something to startups, you will target #startups and #startuplife hashtags. Then in your email, you can mention “Hey, I was scrolling on #startup hashtag on Instagram and just saw that your Instagram account also posted a photo under #startup. That’s why I thought you might be interested in service A or website B…” In this way, you can get the best reply rate.

How does buying email credit system work?

Each email credit gives you the ability to download a contact. A contact will definitely have an email address. You will also get other related information for the contact. You can find what information you will get on the other question. As you download contacts, your credit will be decreased. If you stop the collecting process, then your credit will not be decreased. You can buy credits on the right side of the email at any time.

Is buying a credit one-time purchase or monthly subscription?

Buying credit is an only one-time purchase. It is non-refundable. You will have 20 free credits when you start using the app. You can test the app with these free credits.