Find and Collect Business Email Addresses on Instagram

Email Falconer is the professional solution to find business email addresses on Instagram. You can start using Email Falconer for free now.

Email Falconer is an application for finding business email addresses on Instagram and collect them for you based on your targeting. You can target hashtags and locations. For example, you can find accounts’ email addresses which posted under #startup hashtag. The email addresses are very updated because we only scan recent photos under target hashtags.

Businesses always keep their email addresses updated on Instagram! Collect them with Email Falconer!

You enter the hashtags you want to collect email under. Email Falconer start to analyze accounts who posted under these hashtags. Then create an excel file with business email addressed under these hashtags.

Collect Most Current Email Addresses

Are you interested in #startup or #dietitian email addresses? Just enter them in the app and get your Excel file in 2 minutes in avarage!

  • Your Ongoing and Done Orders

    When an order is started, you can track your order status. You can download your excel files on this page. You can download it in .xlsx, .json, .csv, .txt.

  • Get Credits to collect more e-mails

    You will have 50 free email credits when you first use the app. Then you can buy email credits to collect more emails. The bigger package the better pricing!

  • Start Collecting Emails

    Enter your hashtasg you want to collect emails under. You can add your filters so only desired business accounts will be filtered. Click "Start" at the bottom of the page.

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Simple and Fair Pricing

Every new user gets 50 email credits for free. You can use these free credits in the app.

To get new email credits, please go to the right page in the app. You will see several packages starting with $1.

All pricings are in the U.S. dollars.

Starting from $1

  • First 50 credit is free
  • Use it in the app quickly
  • If the order fails, 100% money back guarantee
  • Email us at any time!

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